Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Introducing the Mixed Media Master that is - Natalie May

Hello Everyone
Today I get to introduce Natalie May to you all and welcome her to our team for 2018.
Natalie and I go way back, we have been working together for over 10 years now and she has been a true friend and source of inspiration and support all that time.
We have taught at numerous Shows, All Day Scraps and Trade Events together and always have fun.
Nat has been one of our main designers here at Imaginarium Designs. We like to encourage design team ladies to make suggestions for new chipboard phrases and shapes. They are the ones working with our product and teaching, so they are the perfect people to give us ideas. This  means every design, word or phrase has been used on a project before it is released to you.

Nat is an all rounder when it comes to scrapbooking and is a master of the mixed media genre (not quite the right word - but you all know what I mean). She is a fantastic teacher and brand ambassador and I would recommend her for any one wanting an excellent teacher for any event. She has taught all over Australia and New Zealand. Natalie has also been teaching on the cruise circuit as well. She is on the Lindy's Stamp Gang Design Team and Brand Ambassador for Gel Press.
I asked her to put together a Bio about herself.

Hi there. My name is Natalie May. 
I’m lucky enough to be a full time paper crafter and I couldn’t be happier! I’m happily married to the awesome Clever Trevor & have a beautiful 14 year old girl child!
I teach around 15 classes a month in Australia and absolutely LOVE what I do – turning my hobby into my job & passion.
I am the Australian Ambassador for Lindy's Stamp Gang , I design chipboard for Imaginarium Designs, I’ve been a 2016 Scrapbooking Memories Master, I’m currently Brand Ambassador for Gel Press
, an Intermediate Certified Copic Designer and love everything inky & colour based.
One of the things that keeps me inspired and teaching is that I love to create in all styles. 
As much as this industry likes to ‘Pigeon Hole’ people, I am a versatile artist – I regularly teach & create not only scrapbooking layouts but also Cards, Mixed Media Layouts, Paper based Layouts, Art Journaling, Abstract Canvas Art, plus Kids classes and whatever else I can come up with.
As an Educator for Lindy Stamp Gang & Gel Press, I especially love to create with their products and love to educate people about mediums, textures and general products.   

I love this industry … the opportunity to teach a new technique…. Meeting so many amazing people…..and to be able to CREATE everyday is quite a blessing.
You can view more of my work at … and find me on Instagram under
happydaks and Facebook as well.
Thanks for the bio Nat.
So now I have chosen some of my favourite Nat projects to share with you all and show just how versatile she is.
Nat designs amazing cards and the set above is a great example of how she uses chipboard on her cards.

She also makes and teaches the most wonderful canvases. In her classes she guides her pupils step by step through the whole process and her students are always delighted with their finished canvases.
The canvas above is a small example of her beautiful work.

I do love her layouts and the way she puts paint onto her work. The layout above is a perfect example of this. She has created a sense of movement with textured paste and paint which makes the chipboard and photo seem to float on waves of colour.

I couldn't go past this one as blue is my favourite colour. One of Nat's A4 Canvas Boards. The photo above does not show all the background that Nat has created by using texture paste and masks. A really beautiful art piece.
 The last one I have chosen, show how sometimes a simple layout says everything you need it to.  Layouts don't always have to be complicated  and leaving white space around your photos is a great way to make your photos the focus of your layout. All you then need is the perfect chipboard tile to finish and we have 100's of titles to chose from. 

So its with a sense of excitement and  anticipation  that I look forward to seeing what Nat creates for us this year.
Please feel free to leave Nat a welcome back message.
Thanks for stopping by today
See you tomorrow for another welcome.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Time to say Goodbye to Belinda

Another goodbye today for another friend.
Belinda has been on our team for a while and has been  a friend and fellow teacher for even longer. It has been a joy and privilege to know her. We will miss her on our team but wish her all the best for 2018. 
Belinda again is an all round scrapbooker, she makes amazing cards for Dark Room Door, does stunning project life, art journaling, and pocket letters, to say nothing of her amazing layouts. Of late she has taken up drawing and is now a master at it. Like everything she turns her hand to, it's not long before she is an expert and her work outstanding. 

I had so much fun going back over the blog and choosing my favourite Belinda's layouts. There were so many to choose from but here are a few I really liked. Belinda really is an expert at layering and her page above is an excellent example  of just how good she is at it. 

Belinda always surprises me with her work. She even has a dark side which she crosses over to from time to time. Her layout above show this. The layout was one she did on herself. Again her skill at layering is shown here.

This layout is a perfect example of  mixed media and shabby working well together. Belinda is a master of this and I just love this layout.

Again another example of Belinda's mixed media layout with a very cute photo.

This layout was another favourite of mine. Belinda does a lot of her work on kraft backgrounds and this one is a wonderful example of how you can add your own colour to your background to suit your photo. Again her layering on this layout is perfect, with the banners at the bottom giving her a foundation for adding more photos. She also uses our chipboard raw from time to time and I love the look she has achieved by doing this on her layout.

We do wish Belinda all the best with everything she does in 2018 and hope she has a wonderful year.
Please feel free to wish Belinda all the best.
Thanks for looking.

This should be our last farewell, so now we can start welcoming the Design Team for 2018. I can't wait to see what they all come up this this year.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Fond Adieu to Adriana

So another Goodbye today.
This time it is Adriana's Swan Song.

Adriana is guest design team member who is a personal friend. She lives in Adelaide so we catch up from time to time. She is such a lovely, warm and kind spirited person and her scrapbooking reflects this. Not only is she a designer but also teaches sharing her passion and skills with others.

This is my favourite Adriana layout and is such a great example of her style. Just look at all the fussy cutting involved in creating this page. The photo doesn't really show all the work involved, I wish you could see it rather than looking at a photo.  It is just beautiful and must have taken hours to do.
She has layered everything up around her lovely photo and the finished layout is just stunning.

Again Adriana is an all round scrapbooker, she makes really beautiful cards and also uses mixed media products on her work. The card above looks like she has used embossing powder to give the chipboard an aged look or rusty look and it works so well. 
I  love miniature items in any form, and in scrapbooking there are lots of lovely examples of miniature projects around. When I came across Adriana's  mini layouts on playing cards, I fell in love with them and I am going to have to do some of my own. They are just perfect. 
There is something captivating about doing a whole page on a tiny card. Even although they are small, they still take quite a bit of time and are fiddly to make. Whilst you can use smaller items for your miniature project, you still have to make everything fit. and there is an art to it. Adrianna's cards are a outstanding example of just how charming miniature scrapbooking can be.
So now we have to say goodbye to our friend.
We wish Adrianna success in everything thing she does and all the best in 2018.
I hope we can still catch up from time to time.
Please feel free to give Adrianna your best wishes for the future.
thanks for looking

Friday, January 12, 2018

Today we say Farewell to Leonie

So Today we say Goodbye to Leonie
Leonie has been with us for quite a few years and we are very sad to see her go. She is another of our design team who is an all rounder when it comes to scrapbooking. Her work is just wonderful and inspiring.
I have been going back over our blog looking for my favourite projects from each leaving team member to share, and it's been great fun and inspiring. We have had so many talented ladies on our Design Teams over the years. If you have time, make a cup of tea or coffee and wander back down memory lane, you won't be disappointed. I have gone back 4 years and there are so many amazing projects, tutorials, and inspiring ideas on show. But back to Leonie, I am sharing a few of my favourite "Leonie layouts". You still will see Leonie on our blog from time to time as a guest designer.

Leonie does mixed media layouts so well as you can see from the layouts below, but the layout above caught my eye, I love the way Leonie has composed her layout. So many elements to fit on one page - it would be easy to loose the photo or just end up with a mish mash of stuff, but Leonie has made this work so well - the photo pops from the page and everything fits nicely together. There is a real art to doing this kind of layout and this is a great example of how it can work so well.

 I really admire Ladies who can do mixed media on a scrapbooking layouts and still keep their photos as the focus. A lot of the time, the photo is just lost, but Leonie has made this work so well. A lovely layout for a gorgeous photo.

This layout of Leonie expresses the fun that I an sure the ladies in the photo have when they get together! I love the bright colours she has chosen. By adding a couple of flowers to her photo, she cleverly draws our eyes to her photo, which could have got a bit lost on such a busy background but now is the focus of the layout.

The black chipboard splats or star bursts look amazing. Also the chipboard random words painted orange really pop.

This layout from a few years ago, was another layout which caught my eye. It looks like a lot of fun with all the bubbles creating a frame around the photo. Another very cleverly done layout.

This layout is one of my favourite "Leonie Layouts". I love all the white space she has around the main part of her layout. By using a lot of black on her layout - she has been able to balance it against the white space. The touches of yellow really match the yellow in the photo and tie it all together and the yellow hearts and the black chipboard title are just the perfect touches.
We wish Leonie all the best for 2018 and beyond in everything she does. She will be sadly missed on our team as will all the ladies leaving us.
I only have three more to say goodbye to, then we can start welcoming the new team and get on with the 2018, which I know will be a year full of inspiration and creativity.
Please feel free to give Leonie your best wishes for the future.
Thanks for looking

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wishing Another Design Team Member All the Best

So today we sadly say good bye to Kelly-Ann.
Kelly-Ann is one of those bright and bubbly people that come into your life and leave joy. She spread light and happiness where ever she goes and is always up for a laugh.
Her "Diary" posts on our blog have shown just how wonderful she is.
Like all our design team members, Kelly-Ann is an all round scrapbooker.

She makes the most amazingly intricate cards, this one is a pop up box card, just full of bits and pieces that pop out the top of the card. The Butterflies are Kelly-Ann's own designs.

But sometimes simplicity is all that is needed for that special card and Kelly-Ann has made this set perfect for any occasion.

Imaginarium Designs chipboard words so well raw. When we first started our company many years ago, we tried 5 different company's and chipboard boards before we found one that I was happy with. Not all chipboard works well with all mediums and it took a bit of work and playing to find the right one.
Kelly-Ann has used the raw chipboard to great effect on her cards

 Kelly-Ann also does the most beautiful and detailed layouts, showing her skills at design and layering. She even does the whole mixed media thing well too as you can see on her layout above.

Again a mixed media card using our chipboard and embossing powders. I love the way Kelly-Ann doesn't use a traditional shape for her cards.
We wish Kelly-Ann all the best with her endeavours in 2018. I am sure she will tackle any challenge she faces with her normal bubbly and positive attitude. The Design Team ladies will miss her funny comments and sayings.
Please feel free to leave her your best wishes.
See you in a day or two with another sad goodbye. Not too many more to go, then we start welcoming our new design team ladies.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Good Bye to Another Friend

Hello Everyone
Today we get to say Good Bye to Alison Bevis.

Alison has been a friend of Imaginarium Designs for any years and a personal friend of mine. We met through our love of scrapbooking and share many of the same interests and values. I really enjoy her company. Alison has embarked on a new journey and this is taking up a lot of her time. She is now the proud owner of The Crafty Chain a new scrapbooking store in Brisbane. Due to her commitment to her store Alison has decided to stand down from our Design Team. I will miss her input, but I will still get to catch up with her from time to time. Hopefully she will find time to be a guest designer sometime this year.

 Alison is an all round scrap booker, she can turn her hand to anything. Whether its a  beautiful card like the one above or a stunning layout like the one below. Alison always has some special for us.

This was a layout Alison did on herself. I love the strong colours and the use of our chipboard inked black for effect.


Alison also does shabby so well, look at all the back ground detail on this layout, and the lovely layering.  A special layout for a special lady.
"Totally Love This" was another one of Alison's Layout. She drew a heart shape with a couple of co-ordinating Distress markers, and then adhered a bunch of embellishments around the shape. She inked most of 'Nat's Hearts'  in pink. The title "Love This" Alison inked and beaded, "Totally" was covered with pearlescent ink, 'Loolabelle's Piechart and Heart Embellishments' reminded her of roses so she inked and beaded them and used them to overlay on her paper embellishments.
This is a really lovely example of Alison's work.
I really do hate saying goodbye to the ladies on our design team but it has to happen.
Life goes on, change is good for us, new opportunities come our way, another door opens as one closes and so on.
We all wish Alison the best for her future endeavours and hope she has a wonderful and stress free 2018. We hope she will visit us and keep in touch time permitting.
Please feel free to leave Alison a personal messages of support, I know she would love to hear from you all.
 I will be back again in a day or two to say Good Bye to another Friend and Design Team Member.
thanks for looking

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome to 2018

Hello Everyone and welcome to 2018.
Not sure about you, but 2017 has just flown by. Still wondering where it went. Lets hope 2018 is a wonderful and successful year for everyone.
Some of our Design Team Ladies are leaving us after their time with Imaginarium Designs. We are always sorry to see Team Members leave us. They have become our friends and we do wish them all the best for the new year and every success in their new ventures.
Over the next few weeks, we will be saying goodbye to them here on our blog. Please feel free to leave them personal messages of support, I know they would love to hear from you all.
So for now we have to say Goodbye to Miriam

Miriam is a friend of Nat and Me, we have known her for quite a few years now. We both were delighted when she agreed to join our Design Team. Miriam is a truly lovely lady both inside and out.
Her style is very vintage and I love the simplicity of her work.

She is the most beautiful card maker and I have been the receiver of quite a few of her cards over the years.

Miriam also does lovely layouts and this one was a challenge that Nat set the team doing a layout on themselves.  
 Miriam also makes stunning books, this is one she made using a Graphic 45 box album and papers from Meg's Garden.

 And for something different, Miriam decorated some kraft bags, perfect for a special gift.

You can see her love of Vintage in these projects.
We hope to still catch up with Miriam from time to time. 
We wish her all the best for the future, and hope she has a wonderful and trouble free 2018.
There is something nice about the start of a  new year. Everything that happened the year before has passed, whether happy memories or sad reminders. We can start the new year with hope and optimism.
I did wonder if this was the right word to describe a new year, so I googled the meaning
 of optimism
  1. 1.
    hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.
    "the talks had been amicable and there were grounds for optimism"

    :hopefulness, hope, confidence, buoyancy, cheer, good cheer, cheerfulness, sanguineness, positiveness, positive attitude

I think it's a good word to use in association with a new year. If only everyone everywhere had optimism, the world would be a much better place.
Let's hope optimism is contagious and everyone catches it.
Well that's all from me for now. I will be back in a couple of days to say goodbye to another friend.
Thanks for look and please feel free to give Miriam your best wishes.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Canvas

Hi everyone! Sonia here with your after Christmas blog post. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas filled with love and laughter and of course, way too much eating of those delicious Christmas goodies! Hopefully you have a bit of free time for some scrapping before everything goes back to normal routines after the New Year festivities. 
I had a little bit of time to have a play to create a Christmas canvas that can get my decorations off to a head start for next year! When you create these canvases you can keep to a general Christmas theme like I have here or you can replace the images with photos to personalise your creation.

'Christmas Canvas'

Imaginarium Designs products used: Oval Frames (IDT0002), Stars Board (IDT0036) and I Believe in Santa (IDP0219)

The chipboard has been heat embossed in white to create a soft look to the canvas. The white, soft blue and pops of red work so well together.

I have popped some vintage Christmas images into my frames, however you can easily pop in some precious family photos to create a fun Christmas keepsake.

Enjoy your New Year and I hope you get some fabulous creating time in
Sonia x